8 01, 2012

Commercial Painting Contractor – Flat Or Eggshell, Which Wears Best?

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So, your commercial painting contractor is recommending a flat finish but you're curious as to how well it will stand up to wear and tear.... Perhaps your commercial painting contractor is recommending eggshell.  Although you prefer the flat finish, you might be concerned about stains and smudges on the walls... Or , Maybe you are [...]

5 01, 2012

Paint Business – Questions To Ask Your Painting Contractor To Qualify Them Before You Hire Them

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Employing the services of a high quality Atlanta painting contractor is imperative when looking to have the interior or exterior of your home professionally painted. There are many individuals who advertise their services as a painting contractor who may not have the necessary experience, expertise and skill to back it up. Referrals and reviews are [...]

2 01, 2012

Commercial Painting Contractors – Interior Maintanence Ideas

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As a commercial painting contractor, you are probably asked how to maintain the interior of an office on a regular basis. With employees going in and out daily, there are bound to be mishaps. While even the best Atlanta painters will do their best to make the paint smooth and concise, you can also suggest some [...]

10 11, 2011

Colors That Increase Productivity

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Color Your World Using Interior Paints to Increase Productivity Many households may hold their renovation money tightly when the idea of a commercial painting contractor repainting is presented. Interior paint holds up pretty well, and with any renovation, it can be difficult to determine the items that will provide the most impact for the budget. [...]

5 11, 2011

Commercial Painters – Graffiti Removal

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Having your home sprayed with graffiti is a tumultuous experience. Even once the initial shock or hurt wears off, there are still practical issues to worry about. The process of determining how to get rid of graffiti is an arduous one. One option that is sometimes overlooked by people in this predicament is the possibility [...]

1 11, 2011

Commercial Paint – What Color Schemes Not to Go With

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You will probably never forget your very first job in an office, will you?  You sat in an office with a gray cube every day, sometimes staring at the wall as you slowly climbed the ladder to success.  Commercial painting was probably responsible for part of the reason you felt the way you did.  Let's [...]

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