Color Your World Using Interior Paints to Increase Productivity

commercial painting contractorMany households may hold their renovation money tightly when the idea of a commercial painting contractor repainting is presented. Interior paint holds up pretty well, and with any renovation, it can be difficult to determine the items that will provide the most impact for the budget. However, after a complete repainting of the interior of a house, most families agree that the new interior paint can alter moods, brighten days and increase productivity in the home setting.

Not only can certain colors increase productivity, studies completed for industry have proven that employee productivity increases in freshly painted environments. Like employees of a company, members of the household will be increasingly productive, and work harder to maintain a clean environment simply due to a fresh paint job.

Colors can change perceptions concerning the proportions of a room. Darker colors will make the walls appear closer, while lighter colors will enhance the size of the room. Requesting the commercial painting contractor to utilize different shades of one color can also have a substantial effect on the perceived size of the room.

Color choice can affect the overall mood of a room. Red causes increased respiration, appetite and actives the metabolism. Orange increases cognitive activity, appetite and energy. Yellow increases awareness, energy, and mental activity.
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Any Painter Contractors Atlanta will tell you that cool colors such as blue, green and purple are soothing colors. If you have ever heard the term “green room,” you may know it is a room for actors to wait in before going on stage. The green in the room helps them to remain calm, focused and relaxed. A blue room will help increase calm and satisfaction. Violet rooms are known to increase creativity and intuition.

Rooms that are painted white, black or grey create a sense of sophistication. White implies cleanliness, purity and light. Black seems formal, elegant and powerful. Gray rooms come across as wise, intelligent and futuristic, also gray is terrific when paired with the light shade of a warm color.

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Archie Deese