When the time comes to paint your company’s lobby, looking into a commercial painting contractor may be the best option. These professionals are experts at helping you pick the right colors. It’s what they do. Most people who are looking to paint their lobby, have a pretty good idea of what color they want. Color selection is a big part of a company’s image. Therefore, you should really consider using a pro for your painting needs, especially when selecting a color.

Choosing the right color for your lobby is big. Your lobby is the first thing that your customers see when they enter your business. This is where commercial painting can have a big affect on clients. Color is so very important because the right color can have a calming and relaxing affect on anyone who enters your lobby.  Warm colors have a way of inviting people to sit and unwind while they wait for you or one of your company representatives to meet him or her. Another advantage these painting pros can bring is expertise. You may be surprised by some of the suggestions they may give you. By giving them an idea of what you want – a vision of sorts, they could probably figure out the best colors to choose and the best types of paint and trim.  They have lots of experience doing this type of work. How many times have you gone to a paint store and picked-out a paint that “would go just perfect,” in the lunch room, for example. What usually happens is that when you put the paint on the wall, it looks very different from the little tab at the paint store. Commercial painting companies deal with this all the time.  They have a better idea of what colors match your vision.

Commercial painting companies also know lighting. This is an often overlooked aspect of a good paint job. These professionals can assess your lobby’s shape, design and lighting to suggest the best color scheme to meet your needs. They can show you where a pastel color would be best, or where a bolder color would look great. Another thing they can deliver is great advice on contrasting trim, or a trim that blends neatly with the base colors. In the end, commercial painting is the best way to pick your color and you might even learn a thing or two.

Archie Deese