custom paintingYou will probably never forget your very first job in an office, will you?  You sat in an office with a gray cube every day, sometimes staring at the wall as you slowly climbed the ladder to success.  Commercial painting was probably responsible for part of the reason you felt the way you did.  Let’s take a moment to assess what commercial painting color schemes you do not want to go with.

Drab or Dull Colors
Yes, we mean gray is never a good idea.  Think about it a moment.  Gray, cloudy depressing skies might not be what you want to evoke in workers with your commercial paint colors.  Do not go with any faded, or very dull color schemes for your office.  Gray blue should also be crossed off the list.

Army Anything
The point of many army and military uniforms is to blend with their environment.  Do you want your commercial paint to be reminiscent of dessert storm?  No, you don’t.  So avoid anything military.  Yes, that means army green, too.  Unless your business is full of spies, there is nothing inspiring about military paint colors.

commercial paintingAnything Too Bright
Don’t opt for anything too bright.  Color theory suggests it has a hyper effect.  If you choose to go with a color from your logo, such as pink, opt for a mid tone pink that isn’t going to overpower workers.  Magenta is never a good idea.  if you truly need to consider a bright color, go with one accent wall in the lobby area.

Darkness Doesn’t Inspire
The office isn’t a man cave.  Ok, maybe once you leave the wife and kids at home, it is.  For the rest of your employees, it’s the place to get a job done.  Keep that in mind before you go too dark.  Your workers need to see what they’re doing.  Again, as with the above advice, go ahead and choose one accent wall for a very dark color if you really need to have it.

Ultimately, custom painting means choosing colors you want to work with every day.  Always keep in mind the connotations of drab, dull environment.  Those colors can depress us.  Opt for mid tones in anything bright or dark.  You’ll have the best results when you choose carefully based on the advice above for what colors you do not want to go with.

Archie Deese