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8 01, 2010

Finally Stains Are Becoming More VOC Compliant

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Green Performance Standard Approved for Stains Green Seal, the independent certifying agency, has approved GS-47, a new environmental standard for stains and finishes. The standard, in development for more than a year, includes product performance requirements and environmental and health requirements such as reduced use of hazardous substances and requires low volatile organic compound (VOC) [...]

8 01, 2010

Benjamin Moore Updates EcoSpec Product Line

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Commercial Latex, VOC Free Using new, patented waterborne colorants, Benjamin Moore has reformulated its veteran EcoSpec brand as a VOC-free coating for commercial use. Unlike its predecessor, EcoSpec WB is available in all of Benjamin Moore’s 3,300+ colors. Low odor and fast drying, it comes in a primer and three topcoat finishes. Learn more at [...]