Installing Grass clothOne of the biggest trends in home remodeling and redecorating is the use of environmentally friendly materials. An example of environmentally friendly home decorating is grass cloth, created from a mix of Asian fibers and grass. While grass cloth is very pretty, it can be very heavy and difficult to install and many people are unsure about installing grass cloth properly. Have no fear, though, because with a few tips you can hang grass cloth like a pro:


  • Clean the wall with soapy water and a sponge and then dry with a towel.
  • Use a thick roller or paintbrush to apply a layer of wallpaper primer and let the primer dry completely.
  • Measure the area where the wallpaper will go and write down the measurements. It is always a good idea to measure at least twice to verify the numbers.


  • Using a number 12 razor blade, slowly and carefully cut the grass cloth to fit the area where it will be placed. Use a ruler to help you cut straight and try to keep the strips as large as possible for a smoother overall look.
  • Use a clean paint roller or paintbrush to apply heavy-duty wallpaper paste to the wall, starting at one end. Apply only a thin layer of the paste and wait a few seconds until the paste starts to get sticky.
  • Wet a clean sponge with warm water and squeeze out excess water until the sponge is only slightly damp.
  • Carefully apply the sponge to the back of one of the grass cloth strips until just grass clothslightly damp.
  • Apply the grass cloth strip starting at the top of the wall and carefully smoothing it down towards the bottom of the wall. Smooth carefully with your hands to remove any extra air bubbles, pockets or wrinkles.
  • Continue working in this method until the wall is completely covered. Use a small wood block to smooth the entire wall when you are done.

And there you have it, you have successfully completed installing grass cloth and now you have environmentally friendly and attractive grass cloth wallpaper.  If your having problems, installing the grass cloth, you can always call on Atlanta Painting Contractors.

Archie Deese