glaze like a proThere are dozens of things in life that are better off with a good glazing, other than delicious donuts that is. In fact, the type of glaze that I am talking about is not at all pleasing to the palette, as it actually pertains to the painting, protection, and decoration of walls, as well as other inedible objects.

Whether you’re privy to this process or not, if you pay close attention to the following information, you’ll probably be able to glaze like a pro in no time, then you can even reward yourself with a donut if you wish when you’re done!

Glaze is basically a clear coat substance that can be applied after painting pretty much any surface. Traditionally used as a translucent covering with the intention of preserving a paint job, nowadays, glaze is being used as an interior design technique that can have remarkable results. Just take a peek at the unique and chic examples on the internet to see all of the possibilities.

This project can either be easy or difficult, depending upon the desired design that you are envisioning. Although you may not always achieve the exact appearance that you were going for, glazing is an art form where the outcome is often imperfect, especially when attempting a complex pattern. 

Whatever you would like to do in regards to glazing your wall, it begins with the mandatory materials, which are the glaze and a brush or roller. Though the fun part is creating sensational styles with sponges and similar soft supplies of different shapes. glazeAdditionally, you’ll ideally want to have a clean wall in which to work with.

Remember, glaze will adhere way better to a wall that has been painted with a water based, latex based, or eggshell finish product. Also, if the paint is fresh, don’t move forward until it’s dry. Testing your technique on a small section is recommended as well. Then, once you’ve got it, get glazing!           

Would you like to know more about how to glaze like a pro? If your answer is YES! then there is an immense amount of information including additional instructions that’s available online and elsewhere regarding the subject. Also, you can always consult the experts at Atlanta Painting, for further advice and guidance on glazing, or perhaps even have them do it for you. Whichever way you decide to go, make sure that it’s done like a pro!

Archie Deese