Many homeowners think of the outdoor deck as something that simply sits attached to their home and does pressure washingnot require any maintenance. However, over time the deck is subject to a wide variety of weather conditions that can end up staining, warping or even ruining the deck, such as pollen, mold, acid rain, ground-in dirt and even sunlight, which can fade many types of wood.

The fact is that pressure washing your deck on an annual basis can help clean away all the elements that may detrimentally affect your deck and help keep it looking sturdy and new. However, as with any other home repair task, it is important to do this job correctly for the best results. For one thing, get several quotes from professionals with experience power washing homes and decks to get a good idea of the cost involved. Ask for references from the company and do not attempt to perform this task yourself, as power washing equipment uses a forceful blast of water that could cause damage to the deck or other people if used improperly.

Another important consideration is the right type of year to have the deck pressure washed. Do not choose to pressure washing deckhave the deck washed when the temperature may drop below freezing for a few days after pressure washing, including at night. Generally speaking, a good principle is to have the deck pressure-washed when the temperatures remain above 52 degrees both at night and during the day without rain or other condensation for several days. This allows the deck to dry as quickly as possible.

Prior to having your deck pressure washed, take all furniture and toys off the deck and close any doors or windows adjacent to the deck so that water does not enter the home. Follow the pressure cleaning expert’s directions on how long to wait after washing before stepping on the deck or returning furniture and consider having the deck stained or sealed as added protection against the elements.

Annual pressure washing can help keep your deck clean and looking new, so do not neglect this important aspect of home upkeep.

Archie Deese