Interior PainterWhen a good interior painter has the important job of beautifying a home for one of their clients they have a lot more to worry about than just the prep work involved. Other items to pay attention often include the ceiling, the wood trim, patching of holes or dents, removal of wallpaper or priming. Each one of these jobs has a specific technique to help get the job done and a highly recommended Interior Painting Atlanta Contractor, will know the importance of each one.

Choosing the right primer paint can help with covering a very bold color before the color of choice is applied as well as damage from cigarette smoke or stains. Often times, Atlanta House painters can order the primer in the same color that will be on the walls. This helps reduce the number of final coats that need to be done.

Some degree of surface repair usually needs to be done by an interior painter before the actual painting can take place. Spackle will repair small holes or dents and sandpaper can help smooth out the surface. If the old paint is very dated the interior painter may want to check to see if it is still well stuck to the surface. If a scratch test shows the paint is loosening and chipping off the job may be larger than originally anticipated and may involve resurfacing the walls.

Many people often choose to skip cleaning the walls before painting and this can be a big mistake that a interior paintingprofessional interior painter knows better than to do. The surface needs to be completely clean from fingerprints, dirt and dust and it should be dried thoroughly. More detailed stains need to be removed to make sure they don’t bleed through the new coat of paint. Permanent marker is one of these stains and should be cleaned and primed thoroughly.

A good painter is well aware that their job goes much further than just worrying about the prep work involved with a certain contract. A number of different items should be considered and completed before the painting even begins in order to please the client with a beautiful job.

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Archie Deese