Sometimes using a soft wash instead of traditional pressure washing services can be a better choice to helppressure washing protect your home. Most professional cleaners utilize pressure washes in their services but this can cause a great deal of damage to a number of surfaces including wood, paint or vinyl. A soft wash pressure cleaning, can clean the area thoroughly and properly but won’t cause any long term damage.

A soft wash is very gentle and is typically done using a system that has low pressure pumps for cleaning and rinsing. Pressure washers are not present. Chemical cleaning products help get the job done and can include chemicals that remove mildew, algae and mold. A different product is used for certain conditions and this allows each soft wash to be tailored specifically to the home. The process of a soft wash differs from pressure washes because the products are placed on the area that needs to be cleaned and are given some time to break down the contaminants. A gentle rinse then removes the cleaning agents.

Most modern sidings can handle a pressure washing without any harm being done. For a home that is covered in a wood shingle of some sort, a pressure washing can cause a lot of problems because of the softness of the wood. If the home has been painted, a pressure washing can very easily remove the paint from the hsoft washome in large sections. This can create a large and expensive repair.

When in doubt it is always wise to use a soft wash when you’re cleaning a certain area. Using pressure to clean does it’s job and does it well but it’s doesn’t work universally on all areas and surfaces. It’s best to consult a professional to confirm that a soft wash is a better option for your cleaning project.

Archie Deese