In almost any industry, from food to education, as the cost of raw materials persists to rise, the price that you, as a consumer of these numerous products, pay continues toatlanta paintingincrease as well. Unfortunately, house painting costs are not exempt from this ever present reality. As the cost of raw materials required in the house painting process continue to rise, house painting costs are constantly and consistently on the rise as well.

The rising costs associated with raw materials has an even stronger impact on Atlanta house painters, and thus these costs also affect you. The paint sector of our economy is very “raw materials intensive.” This problem is intensified by the reality that the paint industry requires such a wide variety of raw materials. Within the paint industry, raw materials typically account for almost 60% of net sales, and this percentage increases to almost 70% when one considers only small paint jobs.
The problem of rising raw material costs is  supplemented by the very nature of what constitutes most paint products. Paint is typically petroleum based, and, as a result, as gas prices continue to rise, paint prices rise as well. Also, raw materials typically and frequently fall into short supply, thus resulting in higher inventory costs. This causes problems related to rising house painting costs as between 18%-20% of all raw materials house painting costrequired for painting are imported.  Also, numerous Atlanta Painting companies involved in the paint industry are faced with the reality that they do not process or produce their own raw materials. Take for example a raw material called phthalic anhydride (PAN). Most all paint companies are required to import their stock of this necessary material.

All of these rising costs associated with raw materials lead to the ever impending reality of the rising house painting costs. As petroleum costs continue to skyrocket, inevitably products associated with petroleum will continue to be influenced by these rising costs as well. In the end, increases in raw material costs are driving up the house painting costs for you, the consumer. Using a professional house painter can help you save on cost as they receive significant discounts on house painting materials which will add value for a lifetime to your home.

Archie Deese