interior designAtlanta is a distinctive city with a unique style and flair, which is something that many homeowners want to emulate when it comes time to remodel or redesign their kitchen or bathroom. After all, interior design Atlanta is different from interior design almost anywhere else in the country.

Here are some of the hottest Atlanta Interior Painting designs for kitchens and bathrooms:


The interior design Atlanta trend for kitchens continues to emphasize tasteful touches with high-tech and sleek appliances. Stainless steel continues to be the preferred finish for appliances since the look blends seamlessly in with almost any design style and looks timeless and modern at the same time. Granite countertops in hushed tones compliment the stainless steel appliances.

Kitchen cabinets are trending towards natural woods or a combination of wood and glass for a more open, crisp finished look. Mix-and-match wood is gaining in popularity, as is a gray wash on the cabinets for something of a demure country atmosphere.

Use lots of light in the kitchen and select a light backsplash to help maintain a light, airy feel. Add some visual interest with a mosaic backsplash or choose sleek or nostalgic tile colors and shapes.

Bright kitchen colors give an Atlanta kitchen a more modern feel but are also appropriate in moderation, such as an accent wall or in artwork.


2012 Atlanta bathrooms aren’t just functional, boring rooms any more. Instead, we Interior Design Atlantaare seeing luxury and serenity dominate. From walk-in showers to elegant chandeliers, the hottest Atlanta bathrooms feel and look like a spa.

Amenities such as whirlpool tubs, rain showerheads and large, tasteful vanities are a must in 2012.

Avoid harsh colors in the bathroom and use environmental influences instead, with cool grays, blues or greens for a spa-like ambience. Even a custom painting in the bathrooms for that unique, one of a kind feel. Clean lines dominate, as does plenty of glass and light.

Every bathroom needs a touch of personality, however, and this is where the bathroom sink comes in. Select between subtle vanity sinks or pedestal sinks for a minimalist appearance. If you are seeking an artful or eclectic choice, select a vessel sink, which are usually bowl-shaped and sit on top of the counter. Vessel sinks are almost art-like these days, with an enormous array of colors, materials, designs and shapes available.

For kitchens and baths that scream interior design Atlanta, choose modern, clean lines, appliances and features but don’t forget that extra touch of personal style.

Archie Deese