Atlanta Color TrendsOf the many home decorating tools available, colors stands foremost. Like a magic wand colors can change not just your room’s shape and size but also the look of furnishings inside your house. With boundless shades of exterior and interior colors available today, following the Atlanta Color Trends and creating a relaxing ambience for your house is not difficult. Color trends may keep changing seasonally but choose those that reflect your personality and liking. A simple trick to follow this spring season is to blend your favorite shades and painting ideas into a pleasant combination.

Basically while choosing exterior painting colors, these tips can make your house look stunning.

  • colors appropriate to every room and its function
  • colors matching artifacts, furniture and other architectural features that you wish to highlight
  • the area size that needs to be painted
  • choose a flat or glossy finish depending upon the type of lighting used in the room
  • for an uncluttered look in your room, consider limiting the colors to just three or four
  • Some warm, bold colors seem to shrink the room size while a few cool ones like a white ceiling or light colors seem to increase its size
  • Shades like green, light blue and violet bring emotions like peace, calm or even sadness as they can be overwhelming. 

Few other shades like yellow, red or orange are associated with happiness, excitement and warmth. Try to manipulate the color palate to suit the Atlanta Color Trends of today.  monochromatic color scheme

It is a matter of personal choice with no strict rules to follow while selecting the Atlanta Color Trends and paint your house. You can adhere to a monochromatic color scheme which is popular nowadays and involves the combination of intense shades to lend space and continuity to your interiors. A contrast or complementary color scheme can bring about a lively effect. Care to choose colors which don’t leave your house exterior or interiors looking jarring/ loud.

The analogous color scheme is another hip way to follow the Atlanta Color Trends and bring a harmonious setting. Make more use of a single color than others to help make the effect less static. Ultimately, choose advanced color paints that are non toxic, durable, odorless and within your budget. Colors add value to your house while beautifying it!

Archie Deese