The color of your home exterior is something, which leads to monotony if not changed at regular intervals. home exteriorChanging the home exterior color will infuse a new vigor in you every time you look at your place. You might also want to change the color if there is a new season ushering in, or when you have a couple of guests coming over because nothing can set a bigger impression on people than a house which looks brilliant from the outside.

The Atlanta exterior painting choice for 2012, is GREEN! With the rising pollution levels and the threat of Global Warming constantly looming above our heads, green is the mood of the year. A great advantage about using green is that, it is a neutral universal color which can be teamed with any other color to create a beautiful contrast. You can mix and match green with many colors to add the extra dash to your home  but it  would be advised to keep it as minimalist as possible because as it would award your house a great level of sophistication.

Another great feature of the color green is that it mingles readily with most surroundings. It is one of the most accepted color trends of the year, a color which is in harmony with the environs of your house! Besides, green is the color of prosperity and it is bound to add a great feel-good vibe to your house after it is painted on it. shades of greenThis is also called the color of good health; so it is just the perfect choice if you have someone at your place that does not keep too well because colors definitely have a great impact on a person’s psychology.

Another tip while doing the home exteriors is to give the doors, windows and banisters a bold color so that it gives your home an extra edge. Adding plants and climbers near the main door is also a great idea! Changing the exterior painting your home is a brilliant decision because it is the best way to award newness into your home and life. There cannot be a better color decision than green for your home exterior because it would add sophistication to your house and ring in a vibe which speaks of prosperity and good health!

Archie Deese