Are you looking to brighten a room in your home, add a drastic color scheme to your walls, or freshen an existing color? If so, follow these simple and Interior Painting Techniqueseffective tips from interior painting Atlanta contractors to achieve the best results. Whether it’s your first time painting or you’re a seasoned professional, be sure to take your time to avoid a mess and undesirable results.

1. Choose an appropriate color that you want to see every day. Purchase several small samples of your top choices from your paint store and paint different areas of the room with each to determine which you prefer. Do this before any major preparation.

2. Have your color? It’s setup time. If there’s furniture, avoid moving it out completely by stacking it in the middle of the room and cover the items with old sheets or something similar.

3. Remove all wall hanging, drapes, and blinds, etc. If there are gouges or a lot of little holes, use putty and fill in flawed areas, sanding them smooth if necessary.

4. Protect your floor! Whether it’s carpet, concrete, or hardwood, you don’t want to add an extra mess to clean up. Use old sheets or painters blankets to cover as much of the floor as possible. This is really interior painting techniques 101.

  • If you’re painting multiple rooms, move the floor coverings after finishing one room and make sure all paint, on the walls and coverings, is dry. Scotch Blue Tape

5. Once you’ve covered your furniture and floor, and have puttied the walls, use actual painters tape to protect the edges of windows, cabinets, or anything else you don’t want painted. Be sure it’s actual painters tape (like Scotch-Blue) because it’s made to protect edges and is easily removable.

6. Choose your brushes and/or rollers wisely. Cheap is not the way to go. Have several spares on hand just in case.

  • If you use rollers, make sure they aren’t sopping with paint or you will have a large mess to clean up.
  • Keep damp rags nearby to wipe up splattered paint.

7. Use primer to ready the walls for your new color if necessary.

The last step in interior painting techniques is to have adequate light in the room. Bring in an extra lamp or two if need be so that you can see the wall and each stroke you make, ensuring your walls will look perfect.

Archie Deese