With Power Washing Atlanta, water pressure is very important. The high velocity of the water spray dislodges dirt and grime that has virtually bonded to the surface of a home or sidewalk. Knowing the type of tip to use on the various materials is a key element of getting that dirt and grime removed. There are, however, times when just pressure alone will not be completely effective. Power Washing Atlanta adds bleach to their pressure washing for a more thorough power washing atlantacleaning.

Why Use Bleach?

Bleach is a whitener. It breaks down stains and molecular coloration into smaller components. The effect of bleach on certain stains is an oxidization process which creates a cleaner and brighter appearance. Power Washing Atlanta knows where and when to apply bleach to discolored areas. For instance, asphalt shingles often have algae growth. Simply pressure washing a roof with shingles will not remove this growth. Adding bleach destroys the algae growth, loosens the particles and removes the color stains from the roofing shingles. In addition, high pressure damages the granules on shingles. The combination of the right pressure along with the bleaching agent effectively removes the problem without degrading the shingles appearance.

Bleach And Plant Life

There are certain areas where bleach should not be used. Bleach can destroy plants. Power pressure washingWashing Atlanta knows you want to keep your flowers, lawn grass and trees healthy. So, when possible, bleach is used in a very diluted state. If a sidewalk or driveway bordered by grass or flowers has stubborn stains, bleach use in a localized area is effective in removing  the particular stains. Used carefully and properly, in a controlled method, the bleach does its job without damaging the nearby plant life.

Knowing where, how and when to use bleach effectively is part of the knowledge and experience of the Power Washing Atlanta team. Bleach is proven to be quite effective in removing automobile fluid stains, mildew, mold and algae. Applying these pressure cleaning techniques is always best left to professionals. The combination of the exact pressure along with the discriminating use of bleach can make a roof, siding, driveway or other area look like new without causing damage to materials or plant life.

Archie Deese