If you’re thinking about rejuvenating the look of your home with a new paint Interior Design Atlantajob, there’s a lot more to it than choosing the right color. In the right hands, a fresh coat of paint can completely transform the look of your house and provide an inspiring foundation for future decorating projects. But, a poorly done job can mean spending more money on corrections than you did on the initial project. Interior Design Atlanta works with you before, during and after your renovations to make sure you’re satisfied with the results, and helps you achieve a paint job that perfectly compliments your home.

Quality results can only come with good preparation, and a thorough assessment of your situation before you begin will ensure that you don’t make costly mistakes. Removing old paint, repairing holes, priming and even temperature will determine how successful you are in getting even coverage and durability with your paint job, so getting the guidance you need is important. Interior Design Atlanta will help you determine the best way to approach your paint job and help you avoid conditions like surface wrinkling, “alligator skin” and other problems that can come up. Doing the research on Interior painting techniques, before you begin is worth it to achieve a professional finish.

exterior paintingExterior painting presents its own set of problems. Most people don’t consider things like plant and animal life when painting the outside of their house. Canvas drop clothes, for example, are better than plastic to cover shrubbery, because of their breathability, and excess paint chips can be ingested by household pets, causing potential harm. Small details like this are what we specialize in, protecting the overall health of your environment.

Interior Design Atlanta is a team of dedicated professionals with a history of helping our clients get the best results possible, and our consultants are prepared to help you turn your design ideas into reality. We realize that any home improvement project is about more than the look of your home. It’s about giving you a comfortable, quality living space.

Archie Deese