Here are a few Atlanta house painting ideas for your project. Some would consider this such an easy task that it requires no forethought. Others would disagree. Either way, this task can painting ideaseasily become a nightmare, especially if this is your first time painting. In this instance, to learn vicariously is an excellent idea!

Make it appropriate. If this is for the baby’s room, perhaps use a light, happy color, instead of pure black. Also, if you are not artistically inclined, it is best to leave out the intricate mosaics running around in your head.

Excellent painting ideas suggest making sure you know how the color will affect the room and your mood for years to come. In fact, when choosing the color, visit your favorite hangouts and take note of the walls. Consider whether or not you like one office the most at your workplace. Whatever color you choose, consider the ceiling. You probably want to keep it white; so you won’t feel as though you are in a box!

Now that you have chosen the color, before you actually paint, is it coordinated with the furniture? Have you slathered the wall with a sample to get the true feel? Believe it or not, what you envision looks a lot different in reality.

Take care to prepare. Each minute spent in preparation will pay for itself ten-fold. Really, it’s true. Sand or spackle, to make for a smooth wall. Use masking tape along the moldings and ceiling, so there will be a nice, straight nursery paintingline. Using other tape may leave behind sticky residue, such as duct tape.

Good painting ideas say to use good tools, even if they cost more. A high quality paint will hold up much longer. Some brushes leave behind hairs. Some drop cloths rip, oozing paint on your beautiful carpet. Some pans bend easily and spill huge globs. And, please, follow disposal recommendations.

Remember Tom Sawyer. Good interior painting techniques should incorporate ways to make it fun. Perhaps you could choose some energizing music by your favorite band. You will not only enjoy this a lot more while painting, but you may actually feel better at the end and enjoy the room more as a whole. You would prefer not to groan every time you enter the room. Instead you say, “I did this!”, and want to show your friends.

Archie Deese