Everyone loves the look of a new home and there is no better, or more affordable, way to make your home look like new than to repaint it.  Whether you decide to repaint the interior or exterior of your home, your local PaintingPainting Atlanta Atlanta store is just waiting for you to come in and ask for tips and ideas. After a conversation with a knowledgeable Painting Atlanta sales representative, you will be able to have a complete paint job that any professional decorator would approve of.  Before you begin selecting paint colors, you may want to think about the kind of paint you use.

The healthiest choice for your family, and the environment, is to choose a paint that is certified as a Low VOC paint. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds.  VOC’s can cause poor respiratory health, namely asthma, as well as ozone and smog.  Low VOC paints are now affordable for both interior and exterior painting.  They receive high reviews in consumer reports, and their quality and durability match that of other higher VOC paints.

The interior of your home is where Low VOC paints should be prioritized.  Poor indoor air quality is something most people are unaware of.  The interior of your home becomes polluted by dust particles, pollen, household cleaning chemicals, and the chemicals that are emitted from household decor like carpet, glues, and paint.  You know that particular smell that tells you, “This is a freshly painted room?” That smell is the direct result of the interior paintchemicals – VOC’s – in the paint.  Low VOC paints have a much more mild smell and are healthier for your family in the long run.

Paints are comprised of four general types of ingredients: pigments, binders, solvents, and additives.  Most of the time, it is the additives that are riddled with VOC’s so make sure that you read the labels of your paint choices and choose a paint with properties most suited to your home’s needs.  Painting is a fun way to spruce up your home and create a new look.  It shouldn’t have to be a health risk!  Painting Atlanta sales representatives will be happy to point you towards the paint brands at types that are certified Low VOC paints.

Your new paint job might not have that traditional smell – but you can breathe a deep sigh of relief and enjoy the fresh look of your new home.

Archie Deese