painting atlanta

Painting your home is an exciting, yet tiresome activity. You must pick out paint colors, a paint brand and all of the essential painting tools. If you are in Atlanta and need a painting company to assist you with your needs, choose one that offers informative information to help you make the best choices.

One essential part of painting Atlanta is the subject of primer. Many people often wonder if they should prime bare drywall, or skip that step and move directly to actual paint. If your home has bare drywall, you should consider priming it first, and here’s why. Bare drywall is extremely dry and porous – it is paper product. Drywall free from paint is thirsty and quite absorbent. Priming the drywall satisfies much of this problem which offers several key benefits to you, the homeowner.

The first benefit of primer is that is seals the surface. When priming bare drywall, the primer will soak into the walls, filling in the pores and sealing the surface. This allows the paint you choose to stick better to the walls. Before using primer; however, you should clean the walls and remove all dirt, dust and debris.

interior paintingThe second benefit of using primer is the cost savings factor. Primer is less expensive than paint. If you prime your walls first, your walls will require less paint. If you do not use primer, your walls may easily need two, three or even four coats of paint, depending on the quality of the paint. By priming the walls, you will most likely need only one or two coats of paint. This will save you a lot of money. Primer now comes in shades. If you are planning on interior painting a room a dark color, choose a darker tinted primer to help cover the walls prior to painting. This is another way to save money on paint.

As a homeowner, there is one final aspect to consider. When you paint multiple coats of paint on walls, it is not uncommon for the walls to develop a textured look and feel. Paint is thicker than primer, and can leave the walls gummy looking and feeling. To obtain a smooth, nice look and feel of your walls, always prime them before you paint them.

Archie Deese