Wall PaintFew things can change the look of a room so dramatically for so little money as paint. Whether it’s altering the color, adding a faux finish or creating an accent wall, paint is a frugal decorator’s best friend. One of the secrets to a professionally-looking paint job is allowing the first coat of wall paint to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat and letting the entire surface dry thoroughly before placing any furniture or decorative object against it.

Average Paint Drying Times
How long it takes for your paint to dry will depend on several factors, including the type of paint used, how thickly you apply it, the relative humidity of your home and even the altitude. Below are a few guidelines, based on the type of paint you are using:

  • atlanta paintingInterior Latex Paint – Generally, this type of commonly-used paint will be ready for the next coat in two to four hours.
  • Oil-Based Paint – Allow a full 24 hours for this type of paint to dry thoroughly.
  • Exterior Latex Paint – Painting exterior surfaces is trickier because you can’t control the temperature and humidity. Delay painting outdoor walls until the temperature will be at least 60 degrees (Fahrenheit) for 48 hours. It is also best to paint an exterior wall during a time of day when the sun is not directly shining on the surface. That said, exterior wall paint should dry in about two to three hours.

Problems that Arise with Inadequate Drying Time
You don’t want to rush the drying time on wall paint. Yes, you’d like the project to be finished as soon as possible so you can put the room back together and enjoy the new color. However, rushing the drying process can lead to problems like blistering and an uneven sheen.

Before you embark on your next Atlanta painting project, arm yourself with a little information about wall paint drying times to insure a professional-looking result. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes.

Archie Deese