interior paintingAt one point or another, holes can show up in your drywall. They can be small or they can be large but in either case, they leave an unsightly spot on your interior walls. Fixing these spots can be difficult, particularly if you have no experience in drywall patch work. By following some simple steps and using the right tools, you can patch a drywall hole and save yourself some money. You will then be able to continue with your interior painting work.

You will need a mud knife, a mud pan, a medium grit sanding sponge, a self adhesive patch kit and a joint patch compound. Most of these tools can be found at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Remove all of the loose paper and gypsum from the damaged area of the drywall. Carefully peel away all of the loose material, making sure not to pull away more material than is necessary. Remove the self adhesive patch kit from the packaging. Apply the patch to the drywall, over the area with the hole. Apply enough pressure to enable the patch to stick securely to the drywall. Mix your joint patch compound in your mud pan. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the joint compound. Use your mud knife to apply the compound over the patch, feathering it out over the edges. Use smooth, gentle strokes to apply the mud. Apply more pressure to the outside of the knife blade as you move it around and over the patch area. Allow the mud to dry thoroughly overnight. Use the sanding sponge to gently smooth out the dry mud. Apply a second coat of mud over a larger area around the patched area on the wall. Allow the mud to dry overnight and sand it down again. The wall will then be ready for a paint application.

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Archie Deese