Atlanta home paintingFreshening a coat of paint you already have or changing the color entirely is a great way to make your house yours. If you’re going to be the painter, there are some basics to take care of regarding exterior painting preparation. If you follow these basic steps, your house will look great!

1. It’s important  make sure you find the color that suits you best. Get several samples from your paint supplier, clean off an area of siding, and apply each color next to the other. Choose what you like!

2. The first step in Atlanta home painting preparation is to wash your house. If you have a pressure washer, perfect! But don’t put the nozzle right against the siding.  If you don’t have one, use a hose and soft scrub brush to get it ready. Let it dry for a few hours or a day, depending on temperature, before beginning any painting.

3. If you have shutters on your windows, they need to come off and be painted separately to get the best finish.

4. If you’re going to use a paint sprayer, be sure to cover all windows and the edges of your garage door with plastic to protect them. Tape window edges with painting tape so you don’t leave marks.Atlanta exterior painting

5. Make sure you have a large paint cloth or tarp to cover your sidewalk or deck before you begin painting. Place it up against the bottom of the siding.

6. If you’re changing the color drastically from a darker to lighter, using primer will really help. You may need a few coats but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Be sure to apply it evenly and let it dry before putting on your new color.

7. The final step in Atlanta exterior painting preparation is having all materials.

  • Having extra paint is better than not enough, some areas may need to be retouched.
  • If you’re painting with brushes and/or rollers, don’t be cheap. A good brush is important for applying paint evenly.
  • Have plenty of damp rags, tape, clean buckets, and brushes of all sizes.

Lastly, pick a nice day to paint and take your time. If you want to spread the project out, finish one side each day.

Archie Deese