interior paintingWhen you’re painting a room in your home, you’re bound to have a spill or two during the process. Depending on what type of surface the spill occurs on, it might be easy or hard to completely remove the mess. Your best bet is to assess the situation quickly and begin the process of cleaning up as quick as you can before the paint starts to set or stain. Be careful with the interior painting process in Atlanta, you don’t want any spilled paint to enter your eyes or mouth. Be careful not to get large amount on your skin either.

If you have spilled a large quantity of paint on a non-fabric surface such as linoleum or laminate you may want to use a bag of drying agent that can be found at most hardware or paint supply stores. You mix the material into the paint until it becomes dry and then you can dispose of it properly. Soapy water and a scrub brush will do a good job at removing the rest of the paint. Change the water often and make sure the area is rinsed thoroughly before drying to prevent any paint residue.

interior painting atlantaIf you are having a hard time completely removing the paint from the floor you may be using a paint with a high oil content. Water won’t be effective enough in this instance so using paint thinner to wipe off the paint will allow you to get most of it up and then you can proceed to wash the area clean from there.

If you’ve spilled paint onto carpet or fabric, don’t start rubbing at the spot with a rag immediately. Using paper towel, try to pick up any excess paint from the surface. Then, use soapy water to flush the spot. Squeeze a bit of water onto the area and use another clean cloth to soak it up. This creates a washing effect without rubbing the paint into the carpet. If you’ve used an oil based paint it’s not wise to use paint thinner. It’s nearly impossible to completely wash it out of the padding or stuffing  and it’s also highly flammable and toxic.

The process of interior painting Atlanta can be a messy one when mishaps occur, but thinking clearly instead of reacting in a hurry can prevent an even bigger and more expensive mess when cleaning up spilled paint.

Archie Deese