Georgia Has New Rules Regarding Lead Based Paint-George Lead RRP

If you’re looking to do any home renovation project that involves removing and dealing with old paint, you need to know about the Georgia LEAD RRP Rules (Repair & Paint Lead Safety Rule) which was actually instated as law on April 22, 2010. However, its just recently the the EPA has required the state of Georgia to begin enforcing the rules as state law and its a good thing too.

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Before You Renovate-Educate About Lead


The new Georgia Lead RRP Rules impact anyone who is living or working in a child-occupied business or residence prior to 1978. Now, anyone working in such a place has to be certified on how to use lead-safe practices whenever a renovation project that might impact two square feet of painted surface occurs.


Why are the George Lead RRP Rules a Good Thing?


atlanta paintingThe reason these new rules are very important is that lead poisoning is the number one preventable childhood disease in the US, according to the CDC. Keep in mind, that over 87 percent of homes built prior to 1940 used lead based paint, and between 1940 and 1960, over 69 percent of homes were built using lead based paint. This equals about 38 million homes in the US alone, The good news is that in 1978 the use of lead based paint was finally banned. Lead is harmful to both adults, but it can lethal to children, especially kids under six. In children, lead exposure can cause:

  • Reduced intelligence and learning disabilities

  • Behavior Issues

In Adults, lead exposure can cause:

  • Hypertension and high blood pressure

  • Pregnant women can pass lead to their unborn babies

Atlanta Painting Knows George Lead RRP Rules and Make Sure You Paint Smart and Lead Free

Don’t let these new rules keep you from going for the great painting projects you have planned. At Atlanta Painting, we’ll be sure to educate you in the best lead safe painting procedures necessary to following the Georgia LEAD RRP Rules.

Atlanta house painters only use Certified Georgia LEAD RRP Painters

You can always hire one of our certified Atlanta Painting Professionals to take care of all the dirty work for you. They can create a beautiful finished product and ensure that all the Georgia LEAD RRP Rules are followed while creating your updated and stylish new look.

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