WallpaperIt’s time to spruce up your walls, but you’re left with an important question – wallpaper or paint? Both have their pros and cons, so let’s take a look at each to find the right choice for you.

One important factor is where you’ll be painting or hanging paper. Because wallpaper is installed with adhesive, it is not usually the best choice for a high moisture area like a bathroom. Every time you use the shower, you’ll be creating steam – which can in turn loosen the hold the adhesive has. For this reason, painting is usually the best choice for a bathroom.

You’ll also consider how high traffic the area is. For example, a sitting room that doesn’t get much use won’t have the same maintenance needs as a family room that’s used every day. In most cases, wallpaper is easier to maintain, as it can be simply wiped clean. However, there are high quality interior paints that are washable as well.

interior paintingIf the walls you’re planning to fix up need a lot of work, then you might find interior painting to be an easier option. In most cases, spackle and primer are all that’s needed to get a wall ready to be painted. Spackle at least 24 hours in advance to give the wall plenty of time to dry, and you’ll be good to go. On the other hand, hanging paper requires a much more consistent surface.

Both options offer virtually unlimited options in color and styles. If you want a dramatic look, then paper is likely right for you, as there are many patterns that can have an immediate impact on the feel of a room. You can always choose to paint and use techniques that add texture, but these can be quite time consuming.

Cost will of course be a factor, but there isn’t one choice that’s automatically more or less than the other – it really depends on the quality and type you’re looking for. It is usually less expensive to purchase paint than it is to purchase wallpaper and the necessary supplies, but this is not always the case.

One option you may consider is a combination of both. Use wallpaper on one accent wall, then paint the remaining walls a solid color. This is the best of both worlds and adds a truly unique look to your decor.

Archie Deese