Painting IdeasA fresh coat of paint can be a great way to spruce up your home. It can provide an entire room with a new look even if the color change isn’t a drastic one. Looking at a number of painting ideas before you go shopping for a color or texture can be a good plan for obtaining some concepts that would look good in the room you are looking to change up a bit. A painting company can help provide you with some great options based on what they think for the room you are looking at.

Choosing a color is one of the more important steps you will take when looking for a change and professionals can help point you in the right direction. A number of factors should be taken into consideration such as the size of the room, how much light comes in during the day and what kind of furniture and flooring is already in the room. Rooms look smaller when they are painted a dark color and a large living space in the middle of the house will look rich and luxurious if you paint it a darker shade. If you are keeping the same furniture or flooring, make sure you don’t choose too dark of a color if you already have dark items in the room. Also pick colors that will accent what you have.

wall paintA number of different textures are available these days when it comes to wall paint and turning to a professional to help you pick what would work best in your home can be helpful. A great new option is a washable matte finish. This gives the nice look of a flat paint but it’s much more durable and you can wipe it down if need be. People who have children in the home would benefit from investing in a wipeable paint to lengthen it’s lifespan and keep the room looking nice. You can also choose a semi-gloss finish for maximum durability. Eggshell also holds up well.

Turning to a professional painting company can save you a lot of headache trying to decide what would be your best choice. Sometimes you need someone to give you an opinion that isn’t inside the home everyday. A fresh eye can really be helpful. Contact The Paint Doctor for more information on choosing some painting ideas for your home in the Atlanta area.

Archie Deese