If you live in Atlanta then you know how tough the weather can be on your home. Hot, humid summers, high winds, and chilly winters can take their toll on wood and masonry exteriors. Molds, mildew and fungi also flourish in this environment, often causing unsightly stains on walls and roofs.

One of the most effective methods to treat these pesky problems is with an Atlanta pressure washing system, both to clean the exterior of your home and to prepare it for painting.

Power Washing AtlantaPower Washing Atlanta for Home Cleaning
Low-pressure washing uses water mixed with special detergents and/or bleach, pumped at relatively low pressure, typically in the 1300 to 1800 PSI range,  depending on the job required and type of pump used. This method is considered safe for paint, windows, and virtually all types of home exteriors including wood, brick, aluminum, vinyl, etc. At the same time, an efficient Atlanta pressure washing system uses about 75 percent less water than a typical garden hose.

Pressure washing is great for exterior wood surfaces to remove dirt, mold, and fungus. But did you know that it’s ideally suited for roofs, too? Low-pressure washers can remove 100 percent of green, brown and black stains from asphalt, slate, cedar and asbestos roofs with no damage to shingles or tiles. This method is considered more effective than cleaning with bleach only, where often stains can return in just a few months.

Pressure cleaning is also great for patios, pool areas, driveways, and other flat cement surfaces.

Painting Preparation
Power washing systems can be used to prepare exterior home and building surfaces for repainting. Just be sure you stay on top of the job with these important tips:

Pressure cleaning

Pressures of 2000 PSI or more can certainly remove dirt and old paint, but they can also etch the wood, score brick and cement, and pry mortar from seams and joints.

  • Excessive power washing can lift or weaken the bond of good paint underneath the old paint.
  • Power washing can soak the wall; allow the surface to dry thoroughly before paint is applied.
  • Because power washing cannot remove all paint from hard-to-reach areas, you’ll still need to do some manual scraping and prep.
  • If you use a telescoping wand, be sure and stay at least 10 feet from power lines.
  • Consider hiring a professional Atlanta pressure washing service for painting prep; they can save you both time and money in the long run!
Archie Deese