Atlanta House PaintersThe United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in April of 2010 created the Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) rule, which necessitates that all individuals performing paintings, renovations, and repairs on homes, schools, public common areas, commercial centers, and cafeterias and restrooms, get proper certification if they are going to be disturbing lead-based paints. Companies, including painters in Atlanta that do not comply with this new Lead RRP training rules and regulation can face civil fines of $32,500 for each offence, as well as additional criminal fines of another $32,500 plus possible imprisonment for willful violations of this rule.

Atlanta PaintersWhile some Atlanta House Painters and all over the rest of the nation may see this new law as a type of burden, it cannot be escaped. It is quite expensive to adhere to the regulations because there are increased costs regarding new equipment for lead-dust cleaning and containment, extra house of labor to perform the work, as well as the costs associated with sending all painters to the EPA certification courses. However, the Lead RRP certification as well as training to know safe work practices can serve to be beneficial as it is a very powerful tool for marketing. If these professionals, for example, highlight that they follow the EPA Lead RRP certification to the letter, it gives them an edge over those painters in Atlanta that are looking to skirt around the law.

To follow the Lead RRP rule, Atlanta Painters need to ensure that at least one person on their staff is certified in these work practices to avoid the fines. If a painting service is fined, it can not only cost the business thousands of dollars, but it will also harm the reputation of the business and make it that much more difficult to get work in the future.

Archie Deese