atlanta paintingPainting Atlanta, or painting in Atlanta weather, can be tricky, as the weather varies greatly even during the summer months. But whether it is a simple, indoor room, or an entire interior or exterior undertaking, you want to ensure that the outcome looks professional.

A fresh coat of paint, if it is the same color or a new color, gives a home a new look and raises the value of your home—when it’s done properly. A bad paint job can be an eyesore. If you’re looking to start a painting project, it’s important to know there are some common errors that can be costly, yet are easily avoided. Below are some basic tips on how to avoid common painting mistakes.

#1 – Clean the Painting Area

Any area that is to be painted needs to be cleaned and dried prior to beginning the project. Exteriors should be pressure washed and free of dirt and debris. Interiors should be dusted and cobweb free, and baseboards and moldings should be washed and dried.

#2 – Remove Switch Covers and Outlet Covers

Many people forget this step when painting, and wind up painting over or coating switch/outlet covers in paint. Once the plates are removed, keep track of the screws by taping them to the covers.

#3 – Tape off Moldings and Baseboards

If you want to ensure that paint does not drip or streak onto moldings or baseboards, or any spot that you do not want painted, use masking tape to protect those areas from your paintbrush or paint roller.

#4 – Safety First

painting atlantaDon’t forget to protect your eyes with good quality protective eye wear, and wear long sleeves to protect your skin. Old clothes, shower caps, scarves, or a baseball hat (to protect your hair) are all ways to keep paint off of you. Avoid tracking paint throughout the house by wearing slip on shoes that are easy to take off once you leave the room.

Painting Atlanta homes can be a fun project when done properly. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the project, and don’t know where to begin, consider hiring professionals to help, like those at Atlanta Painting. Knowing your limits will keep it fun for everyone.

Archie Deese