interior paintingWhile many see the bathroom simply as a room that performs a very specific function, the truth is that with proper decorating, including paint, a bathroom can become a comfortable and welcoming room you will be pleased to show off to guests and relax in.  Interior painting Atlantaplays a huge role in how you feel in your home.The color you choose for your bathroom will both reflect your personality and affect your mood. Bright colors are stimulating and raise your energy level, perfect if you need that boost to get going; while some colors are soothing and calming, creating a restful haven before you head to bed.  When choosing the interior painting Atlanta color for your bathroom, take into account what kind of mood you want the room to help set.

Interior Painting AtlantaRed — Red is a high energy color.  It also creates a strong first impression.  Red can be a challenging color to use in a bathroom, as it may make the room seem small.  Used in small splashes and accents, however, red can brighten the room and make it energizing.

Orange — Like red, orange is invigorating.  It creates an exciting, happy feeling.  If you want your bathroom to get you going in the morning, orange is a great choice.  Think of it as the mandarin body wash of room colors.

Yellow — Yellow is a bright, happy color.  It is welcoming and friendly, one reason why it is seen in so many kitchens.  Because it is light and reflective, it can also open up the room, making it appear larger than it is.

Green — Green is restful and calming.  Bright apple green makes a bold statement, while soothing sages create an environment reminiscent of the outdoors.

Blue — Blue is the color of serenity, known for lowering blood pressure, and is one of the most common colors used in bathrooms, perhaps because of its association with water.  Be careful not to choose a blue that looks icy, as this could make the bathroom look cold instead of inviting.

Purple — A dark purple, like eggplant, is rich and regal, but too dark for a bathroom, except for in splashes.  Light purples, like lavender, have the calming effect of blue, without coming across as cold.

Once you’ve chosen your color, you can have fun picking out accessories to accent and highlight it, making your bathroom your personal sanctuary.

Archie Deese