Commercial Painting ContractorAre you looking at a room in your home and thinking, “Why don’t I give this room a fresh coat of paint?”  You’re probably also thinking, “I could easily get this done in a weekend.” If you’re like me, that weekend can turn into a week or two months. Let’s face it…most of us are just too busy to spend our valuable time on an important project such as painting a room. Also, whenever I have made the decision to do it myself, I am almost always disappointed in some way with the end result. It might be the color or my willingness to cut corners just to get the job finished. Invariably, I find myself thinking, “Why didn’t I hire a commercial painting contractor?”

One thing about a really good contractor is that they will offer suggestions that you might never have considered. How about removing that old, outdated popcorn ceiling, custom painting or painting your ceiling a couple of shades lighter than your walls? How about adding a mural to a wall? There are so many decisions to be made. Bring in a specialist and make your life easier. One such company is The Paint Doctor, based in Atlanta, GA. You may call them at 404-524-8283 or go to their website at to sign up for a free quote. While you’re on their web-site check out all the information and tips for a successful experience with your project, whether it’s one room, the whole interior, or exterior. You just might get something wildly beyond your expectations.

custom paintingBased on my own experience as a homeowner, I have found that just choosing the right color or colors is a major hurdle to overcome. I know that some people like to go with trendy colors, which is fine. Personally, I like to choose colors that reflect my personality and my home’s personality. Either way, a good commercial painting contractor, will have color consultants to work with you to find “the perfect color or scheme.” What about “green” paint options? Some companies, including The Paint Doctor, offer paints that greatly reduce environmentally damaging chemicals that evaporate into the atmosphere by more than 50%!

All painting contractors are not the same. Some will do exactly what you ask. If you’re like the majority of people, you probably don’t know what to ask. Don’t settle…use a company that provides tips, information, facts and inspiration!

Archie Deese