Atlanta home paintingSummer is almost over in Georgia.  The nip in the morning air makes a person want to rise from heat-induced siestas and get busy again, prepping our homes for the cooler weather.  Along with the cooler days and evenings comes the desire to unclutter from the summer’s accumulation. If you have finished home project leftovers, which may be used paint cans that you aren’t quite sure what to do with, Atlanta Painting offers a brief list of ideas and tips on the storage and recycling of your old paint and cans.  Preparations to properly store or recycle paint and cans are well worth the effort.

  • Secure lids properly by firmly tapping the lids with a hammer.
  • Keep cans in a dry area to prevent rust and leakage.
  • If the paint is special, consider turning the can once a month (top to bottom, vice versa) to keep paint from thickening or souring.
  • To preserve the remaining paint, 1-quart paint cans are available at most paint stores or you can use old, clean glass (spaghetti sauce?) jars with lids.
  • Label new cans or jars with the paint’s color recipe.
  • Consider combining same-type paints (satin/satin, etc.). You may be pleasantly surprised at the new color and you will reduce the number of cans.

atlanta paintingAny paint in liquid form is hazardous.  Wet or dry oil-based paints pose a household hazardous waste (HHW).  Don’t let this cause you worry; here are several no-cost ways to make the most of your investment: 


  • “Dispose” of your old unwanted paint by donating it for recycling.  The Atlanta metropolitan and surrounding areas have many disposal locations to choose from.
  • Throughout the year Georgia communities come together to create collection drives to help homeowners with their HHWs.  These drives are publicized through local newspapers, radio stations, on community center bulletin boards, local churches, libraries, etc.
  • The Internet is a wonderful resource a homeowner can turn to for no-cost assistance with their HHW.
  • Last, but not least, the business where you purchased your paint may have a recycling opportunity available for you.

Using the above storage and recycling tips will prevent a dangerous situation for you, your family and surrounding neighborhood.  To find out from Atlanta home painting about storage and recycling, our superior craftsmen, trained in local standards and codes, are available for questions.  Contact us soon.

Archie Deese