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When you decide it is time to update the exterior paint of your home, choosing a quality painting professional is imperative to the success of your project.  What should you look for when choosing a painter for your exterior house painting project?

First, decide on the extent of your project.  Will you paint the entire exterior, or just a portion?  Will the painter be asked to paint shutters, doors, window frames, or other exterior fixtures?  Do you have additional buildings to be painted?

Once you know the size and scope of your project you should focus on getting quotes for your Buckhead house painting job.  There are several things you should keep in mind when reviewing quotes and choosing a painting company.

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  • Ensure that each contractor outlines the scope of the project.You want to be certain that each estimate includes similar services in regard to your painting job.  Check that they included costs for prep work, clean up, brands of products, and additional materials needed.
  • Ask for a time frame estimate up front.Although no contractor can give you a definitive finish date on a project, knowing an estimate will help you make your decision.  Ask about current workload and where in the queue you would be.  Knowing that you may have to wait months to begin your project could make you think twice about certain contractors.
  • Collect examples of past work and testimonials from previous customers.Ask for references, search the internet, do your research!  Consider using a site such as Angie’s List to gain knowledge of prior work.  Don’t take the painter’s word for it.

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  • Is the painting company a registered business?Making sure it is registered gives you more authority in ensuring that the work is done correctly.  If you choose an unregistered individual, he could take your money and disappear leaving you with little recourse for verifying quality workmanship.
  • Does the painting company carry insurance?You want to ensure that your home is protected during the painting process. Verify that the company has liability insurance to protect against accidents.
  • Be wary if any painting professional asks for a substantial amount of money up front.Industry standard is to request 10 – 15% of the total cost upfront to cover materials.  If the contractor is asking for any more than this for your Buckhead house painting project, think twice.
Archie Deese