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Atlanta’s Paint Doctor knows that choosing paint can be difficult. Which paint sheen to choose can also be tricky and will depend on the room being painted and the amount of shine you want on your surfaces. There are other factors to consider as well, such as ease of cleaning and color depth. We have outlined the most popular sheen options below and included some pros and cons for each type of sheen.

Flat Sheen Flat or “matte” paint has so shine. Flat sheen covers surface imperfections well, and is a good choice for damages walls and ceilings.  Flat paint absorbs light, and therefore can make a naturally bright room a little less so, which makes it ideal for bedrooms and family rooms. However, flat sheen stains easily, does not clean well, and touch-ups often result in two shades of the same color, even if the original paint is used in touch-ups. Flat paint should be avoided in kitchens, bathrooms and rooms with high traffic.

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Eggshell/Satin Sheen Satin is the most popular paint used for interior painting projects. It has more shine than flat paint, but holds up to traffic and cleaning better than flat paint. It is a good choice for high-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and children’s bedrooms. If you want a room to appear larger, the sheen of a satin paint can accomplish this, because the sheen keeps a person’s eye moving.

Gloss Sheen As the name implies, gloss is the most shiny of interior paints. It’s high gloss makes it perfect for baseboard and window trim. Because of its high gloss, it is also the easiest to clean. Because if its bright nature, gloss paint should be used sparingly. Too much gloss and glare from lighting and the sun can become an issue.

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Considerations Choosing paint colors with higher gloss requires more coats than flatter paints. A room that only requires one coat of flat paint, might need two to three coats of satin and three to four coats of gloss. The higher the gloss, the more scuff and dirt resistant the surface becomes, which makes cleaning easier, but the trade-off is that the cost of paint also increases with the gloss. Flat paint is less expensive by the gallon than gloss paint. This is an important factor, depending on the size of the space being painted.

If you have any questions about the type of paint that is best for your needs, contact The Paint Doctor. We will help you choose the perfect paid for your needs.

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