Many of you enjoyed The Paint Doctor’s blog post about Honeysuckle as the color of 2011, but just as many of you asked us how color forecasters picked it, and some of you wondered what colors are ‘hot’ for spring. Before we help answer those questions, it’s important to keep in mind that designers view color as a tool and just one element of an entire design and that color specifications need to meet a client’s goals and tastes.

Now, on to the answers. You may be surprised to learn that the main focus no longer points solely to the fashion runways in Paris and Milan. These days trends can start in the home and then jump over to fashion, or they may even begin in the automobile industry with new finishes and stand-out colors that end up on kitchen cabinets.

“We study information from many resources, such as current and predicted economic conditions, travel destinations, cinema, theater, trade shows, and various trend-watching organizations, websites and blogs,” says Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams.

Forecast colors show the design community, including The Paint Doctor, where colors are trending. Meaning we expect them to grow in popularity, but they may or may not be here today and gone tomorrow. Most designers consider these colors as additions to current trends and to incorporate them into existing palettes, rather than using them to create something entirely new.

As for spring colors, many paint companies offer palettes to whet your appetite for Spring change. Here are some of Benjamin Moore’s spring palettes. And, check out House Beautiful for their take on pink living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, or green everything, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  Don’t forget to check out our galleries for design ideas or to contact us for a quote.

Archie Deese