To some, graffiti is an ephemeral art form that conveys social and political messages, boasts million dollar price tags at some avant garde art galleries, while others view it as, plain and simple, vandalism. We at the Paint Doctor won’t debate the merits and legality of the ‘artwork,’ but we do offer a solution for its removal and provide products that prevent street artists from tagging private property.

To remove and prevent graffiti, The Paint Doctor likes to use a product called GPA-300 Graffiti Proofer Non-Stick, which is manufactured by the Los Angeles-based company Seicoat Corp. GPA-300 is a coating that can be used on a variety of surfaces and reportedly resists paint, permanent marker, stickers, and other adhesives. It works because the product formula incorporates a nanotechnology constituent that penetrates the surface of, for example, the façade of a storefront, and builds a durable non-stick and chemical-resistant film. Then, graffiti residue can be wiped away with a dry cloth or water flushing without the use of cleaning chemicals. Watch the company demo at:

The Paint Doctor is happy to give you additional information about GPA-300 and removing graffiti.  To contact the Paint Doctor, you may call our office at (404) 524-8283 or visit our homepage at If you’d like to request a quote, click here.

Archie Deese