Well today I ran into a common problem for homeowners, what color and finish did they paint last time?????  Often times we are called in to a repaint and the customer doesn’t want to change colors because they love the color the room is currently painted. Problem, they don’t know the color name, number or manufactureer. You ask can’t you match it?  Yes, but a much easier way to handle this common problem is to keep a dated color schedule. In this color schedule you need to list it by room, easily done in excel. With each room list the color name and number for every surface, i.e. walls, ceiling and trim (includes doors and windows). In addition to the name and number you will need to list the manufacturer, i.e. Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, etc. and you will need to list the finish along with the product used.  Now you are asking why do I need to have all of this information?  Well manufacturers often change the bases that paints are mixed in to comply with environmental regulation which in turn causes the color to be a little different. Also what if you don’t need to repaint the area but just need to touch it up? Well if the paint has not faded you can usually touch up the surface depending on the finish.
Following these simple steps in the beginning will save you a lot of time and money when you go to repaint.
No need to thank me, I enjoy saving both you and me time and money!!

Archie Deese