Once again today I dealt with a customer who just knew the colors they picked were the ones that they wanted. This is not a problem when you have tested the colors but if you have not watch out! I called to verify colors and the customer was sure of the colors, I recommended she test the colors just to make sure. This suggestion is one of many I have made over the last few weeks, she finally listened to me and called me back within two hours telling me how much she hated the colors. The lesson, always test your color choices even when you are using a designer to help you pick them. And don’t forget I always recommend having someone help you who has a great understanding of color. Paying a designer to consult with you is a lot cheaper than paying us to repaint it and that is what will happen if you don’t like it.

So lesson of the day is listen to The Doctor and always test your color choices when changing colors. Your space is not going anywhere and either are we.

Archie Deese