The common question of what type of paint can I clean?  Well any sheen other than a flat is marketed as washable.  From manufacturer to manufacturer you need to be careful.  An eggshell in one company’s particular product line is not the equivalent to another.  We always recommend that you use all waterborne or acrylic paints.

To achieve a washable paint product use eggshells or higher, i.e. eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, etc.  You can also purchase matte finish paints.  Matte is a finish that falls between flat and eggshell.   It is for those customers who prefer a flatter finish but still want the washability factor.

Do understand that these products are really only good for wiping off splatters, dog slobber, dirt, really surface oriented spots.  If the finish of the paint is scuffed the mark will not come off.  It is in the skin of the paint and the area will need to be repainted. 

Make sure that you understand that with sheen products you can’t touch them up.  You will have to paint from corner to corner and floor to ceiling.

Archie Deese