902, 2016

The Paint Doctor Has Its First Federal Contract

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The Paint Doctor is reaching out to new markets and expanding our business and is now serving clients in the government sector.  In mid-October, our highly trained staff completed our first federal contract by painting an entire floor of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) downtown Atlanta office.  We transformed the appearance of the office and […]

2801, 2016
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Paint Doctor Gives New Look to Georgia’s Oldest Courthouse

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Fayette County, Georgia has the proud honor of being the seat of the oldest courthouse in the state. Built in 1825, the building has remained a prominent landmark as the city has grown substantially over the last 190 years.  The Paint Doctor recently gave the courthouse a brand new look by washing and painting the […]

2812, 2012

Atlanta Commercial Painting: Business Owner Considerations

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In many ways residential painting and commercial painting are similar; however, there are special considerations a business should take before hiring a professional Atlanta commercial painting company.

As a business owner, you carry the responsibility of your employees’ and clientele’s safety. For this reason, you must ensure that the commercial painters you select are properly insured, […]

2003, 2012

Commercial Painting Regularly Should Be A Yearly Budget Line Item

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As a homeowner, your house is your family’s biggest investment. Regular upkeep not only makes your house a home, but it is also a financial necessity. Yearly commercial painting of your home is part of it annual maintenance – a close relationship with a painter ensures that your home retains its structural integrity as well […]

2802, 2012

Good Commercial Painters Don’t Disrupt Daily Business

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Have you been putting off getting your offices painted because you can’t stand the thought of having your daily office routine interrupted while the painters throw drop cloths and prop up ladders all over the place? Do you just dread the invasion of the painting work crew? It doesn’t have to be that way. Good […]

1002, 2012

Why You Don’t Hire Commercial Painting For Your Home

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You’ve seen those guys. A truck pulls up to a commercial building and a commercial painting contractor and his crew get out and start crawling all over the building like ants. In no time at all, the building is painted and you think, I should hire those guys to paint my house. Well, not so much.

Most […]