We have all heard the saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” but we all know almost everyone does it anyway. We take one look at something and we know instantly if we like it or not, and once we have developed our first impression, it is almost impossible to change our minds. This is why realtors place such a premium on appearances when marketing a home. It is crucial to effectively catch a buyer’s attention and interest as soon as they take their first look at your home. Homes are designed to draw in buyers and it is important to highlight the details that catch the eye. When creating a great first impression, it is not always about the big things. Often it is the small, unique features that help transform your property from just a house to a dream home in the buyer’s mind.

Freshen Up the Doors
Nothing provides more of a first impression than your doors. Fading paint or dirty doors can turn off buyers instantly and ruin the rest of your showing. Give your exterior doors and garage doors new life with a fresh coat of paint. You can go with a bold, bright color if you want to show some personality or stick to neutral colors if you want to instill the classic look.

Check the Details
Walk around the entire exterior and pay attention to the small things and see what can be improved. Are the house numbers faded? Be creative and add new numbers made out of a unique material such as metal or wood. Are the light fixtures dated? Install exterior lights that match the rest of your home. These details are typically very inexpensive to update and pay huge returns from buyers.

Create the Scene
When buyers are looking around outside, you want them to be able to imagine living there. Make sure your patio furniture is neatly arranged, and if it is old and deteriorating, replace it or refurbish it. Use your furniture, grill and accessories to create a space where buyers will want to sit and imagine what life would be like if they called this place home.

If you are looking for an exterior makeover, we can help! The Paint Doctor has mastered the art of transforming the exterior of average homes into spectacular eye catchers. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

Archie Deese