Your walls are freshly painted and your home feels like new again. The renewed luster of the paint removes the old imperfections and stains and gives a clean appearance to the walls. The problem is, this new look doesn’t last forever. Eventually, dirt and grime will find its way onto your walls. Not to worry! A little pre-planning and some spare time on a weekend return them to the brilliance they held when they were first painted.

Choose The Right Paint

The type of paint you choose will be a huge factor in how easy your walls are to clean. Sheens like Matte or eggshell allow stains and dirt to wipe right off. Flat paints are not meant to be cleaned so stay away from attempting to clean flat walls. Attempting to clean paints with a flat sheen will actually turn them to an eggshell or satin finish causing your newly walls to have shiny spots. Keep this in mind when choosing your paint type next time. A little planning ahead of time can save a lot of headache down the road.

Start Small

You want to make your walls look great, not damage them beyond repair. With that in mind, before doing any cleaning, test the cleaning method and agent you plan on using. You will want to choose a hidden area of the wall so if there is a problem, it will not be noticeable. Clean your unseen area and let it fully dry. If your test produces your desired outcome, you can continue to clean the rest of your space.

Nothing Fancy

Don’t think you have to buy expensive cleaners with harsh chemicals to get your walls spotless. It is actually best to use the least intensive method possible when cleaning. Start off by using a damp sponge and water. This will work to remove most blemishes. If that doesn’t work, add a little detergent to the water. If grease stains are really stubborn, you can ratchet up your attack by picking up a solvent-free degreaser from the store.

If the smudges and streaks are starting to build on your walls and getting more difficult to come off, consider a consultation from Atlanta’s Paint Doctor to determine if a fresh coat of paint is what you need. We are your local experts in all things paint and can cover your walls in a finish that will be easy to clean for years to come.

If you do need a fresh coat of paint, whether it be interior or exterior, contact The Paint Doctor today for a quote.

Archie Deese