Atlanta WallpaperWhen you think of wallpaper what comes to mind? Is it grandma’s floral pattern covering every wall in the house? Or do you think of apple themed wallpaper throughout the kitchen and the stereotypical pink for girls and blue for boys? If these images make you cringe, you will be happy to know that wall coverings have come a long way in the past decade.

Wall coverings today offer a huge variety of diverse patterns and designs that can transform your home. Wallpaper can add texture, warmth and sophistication to your space.

Some wall coverings, for example, are made of lavish materials and add elegance to bedrooms, bathrooms and larger living areas.

If you’re considering adding wallpaper to a room, and you’re not experienced at the task, there are a few delicate types and processes you should avoid as a beginner.

Top four types of elegant wallpaper finishes for your home include:

  • Embossed
  • Silk
  • Flocked
  • Foil

This type of wallpaper gives texture to ceilings and walls and can be faux finished after installation.

Silk wall covering provides a high-end, upscale look most often seen in restaurants and hotels. More expensive than standard paper, special preparations will have to be taken when applying to walls.

Flocked Paper
This type gives walls a raised, velvety look and pattern that absorbs light and is pleasing to the touch.

Foil Wallpaper
This type of wallpaper features a metallic backing that is very luxurious in dining rooms. Feeling like satin, it is a delicate paper to install.

There are many steps involved in proper wallpapering, from preparation of the surface to smooth application that resists puckering and bubbling. If you’re looking for a company with extensive experience applying all types of wall coverings, call Atlanta’s Paint Doctor at 404.524.8283.

Archie Deese