710, 2015

Simple Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Paint Looking Fabulous

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Your walls are freshly painted and your home feels like new again. The renewed luster of the paint removes the old imperfections and stains and gives a clean appearance to the walls. The problem is, this new look doesn’t last forever. Eventually, dirt and grime will find its way onto your walls. Not to worry! […]

1406, 2015
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3 Tips for Unconventional Home Renovations

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When we think about our home renovation projects, our thoughts tend to lean toward new wall or ceiling paint, new fixtures, and a few new decorative pieces. What if you take your next project out of the box? You can add a touch of paint to your cabinets. Your exterior is one of the first […]

2403, 2015
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Top 3 Questions to Consider Before Hiring a Paint Contractor

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Renovation projects are a daunting task. It takes the right people, who can see a vision and bring it to life. Before choosing a professional paint contractor there are some important questions that you must address to make sure you are hiring the right one for your project.
1. Does the company show the right amount of […]

1306, 2013
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How to Prepare Your House for an Interior Paint Job

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Ask any professional painter and he or she will quickly tell you – preparing your house for an interior paint job is paramount to the successful application and end result of the process.

When you hire professional painters, you can rely on them to properly prepare and ready surfaces for painting. In fact, most professional painters […]

1204, 2013

Should I Paint Over Wallpaper?

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Wallpaper’s popularity is cyclical, and over the decades, certain patterns and textures have gained and waned in favor. Today, however, wallpaper – or wall coverings – has returned as a viable option for adding style, color and character to our homes.

As with any wall treatment, wallpaper has a shelf life, and eventually you’ll notice its […]

2503, 2013

Prioritizing Painting Projects

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It’s a known fact that homeownership requires diligence, attention to detail and continuous focus on upkeep and maintenance. We want our houses to reflect our personalities, aesthetic preferences, as well as meet our functional needs. So, how do we prioritize home improvement projects?

If you have structural issues threatening the integrity of your home – like […]