710, 2015

Simple Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Paint Looking Fabulous

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Your walls are freshly painted and your home feels like new again. The renewed luster of the paint removes the old imperfections and stains and gives a clean appearance to the walls. The problem is, this new look doesn’t last forever. Eventually, dirt and grime will find its way onto your walls. Not to worry! […]

2403, 2015
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Top 3 Questions to Consider Before Hiring a Paint Contractor

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Renovation projects are a daunting task. It takes the right people, who can see a vision and bring it to life. Before choosing a professional paint contractor there are some important questions that you must address to make sure you are hiring the right one for your project.
1. Does the company show the right amount of […]

802, 2015
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Exterior House Maintenance Tips

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Keeping a home beautiful year after year can be a lot easier if you follow a maintenance plan. If you follow an annual plan, you will be sure to hit all the important areas. What should you include on your exterior home maintenance list? Check out these common maintenance needs in the spring and fall.
Spring […]

705, 2013

How to Choose a Color Scheme

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Most people find the task of choosing colors for the home a daunting one … and rightfully so. There are innumerable paint stores, color options and ways to go wrong with interior painting. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks on how to choose a color scheme that can help.

Look through your closet.

When […]

804, 2013

Hiring a Painter: What to Avoid

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You recognize the importance of hiring a good painter, but finding the right painter can be a little tricky. It’s important to look for painters with experience and referrals, but sometimes that isn’t even enough. Here are a few things you should avoid when hiring a painter to do work around the home.

Watch the Deposit […]

2103, 2013

Bathroom Painting Considerations and Tips

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Every room in the home is not created equally, especially when it comes to painting. In fact, several rooms require special considerations be taken before paint is applied to their surfaces. The bathroom ranks high on this list because it presents particularly unique challenges.

If you’re not an experienced painter, it’s recommended you consult a professional […]