Are you thinking about or in the process of selling your home? Have you thought about what marketing strategies you will use to get your home seen by as many buyers as possible? Whether you are using a realtor or not, online curb appeal has become one of the most crucial elements to marketing your home to the masses. Gone are the “good ole days” where buyers would thumb through a magazine or newspaper, find homes that interested them, and would end their hunt with a stealth drive-by to see if the home’s exterior warranted a visit to see the interior. Today, potential buyers are shopping online for their next home, expecting to get a full home tour in slideshow view. They want to know what the appliances look like, what color the walls are and what the view looks like from the back porch. Basically, they want to experience the home in person without ever actually showing up. If the information they crave is not there, they will click onto the next website and never give it another thought.

So how do you provide this essential online curb appeal? Photos are paramount! Yes, you will need to include text that details the home such as features, square footage and school districts, but most people are highly visual and photos will peak their interest. If it looks good, they will come. Here are a few tips for getting the perfect photos:

Hire a Professional – Sure, you may save a little cash in the short run by taking your own photos, but it could cost you big in the end. Professionals are experts at getting the proper lighting and perspective that can transform your home from average to spectacular.

Ensure High Resolution – If you just can’t afford a professional, make sure you are taking your photos using a camera that allows for high resolution photos. Using a cheap camera that delivers low quality images is not an option if you want to attract top dollar. If you don’t have a camera with high resolution, borrow one from a friend.

Go Photo Crazy – When you think you have taken enough photos, take five more. Show every detail you can imagine a buyer would want to see. You want to capture the interior and the exterior in as many shots as possible. Also, don’t forget to capture the best exterior views looking out of the windows from inside the house!

The Paint Doctor understands homes and what buyers are looking for. Our experts can radically transform the exterior of your home to create a look that buyers will be racing to see. Give us a call today for a free consultation and allow us to show you how to increase your curb appeal.

Archie Deese