Assessing the Need to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

The paint on the outside of your home is more than just a decoration. While a newly painted home is beautiful to look at, we can sometimes overlook the incredibly important functional role it plays to keeping our home in livable condition. Did you know that the exterior paint on your home is the protective seal that shields your home from the elements and keeps your investment safe? This coat of paint is a thin line of defense that keeps moisture out of the wood that your home is built of, preventing it from rotting and deteriorating. This keeps your home sturdy and safe for your family. With how important paint is to the protection of our homes, it is critical that we maintain a vigilant watch on its condition and assess regularly whether our home needs a fresh painting.

Signs of Damage

The best approach is to repaint your home before you begin to see signs of damage, because once you see damage to the paint, you will have diminished protection from the elements and the structure of your home can become damaged. Most experts will recommend that you repaint your home every 5-7 years to maintain your home’s condition. If you start to see cracking or peeling paint, you should immediately call a professional to have your home assessed. A professional paint company, like The Paint Doctor, can examine your home and give you an accurate estimation of when your home will need to be painted and will determine the estimated cost of the project.

Protect Window and Door Trim

In addition to the main exterior of your home, it is important to keep a close watch on the trim around windows and doors as these areas have more frequent use and the paint typically needs to be touched up more often. In order to provide complete protection of your home, these areas may need to be painted a few times in-between painting your entire home. Even though this may seem like a lot of work and money, taking a proactive approach to keeping your home protected will save you a lot of hassles and money in the long run.

If you want to ensure that your home is protected for years to come, contact The Paint Doctor for a free consultation. Our experts can assess the current condition of your exterior paint and make recommendations to keep your exterior looking beautiful and to help protect the structure of your home.

Archie Deese