Keeping a home beautiful year after year can be a lot easier if you follow a maintenance plan. If you follow an annual plan, you will be sure to hit all the important areas. What should you include on your exterior home maintenance list? Check out these common maintenance needs in the spring and fall.

Spring Maintenance

The cold weather can cause major damage to the exterior of a home. Here is a short list of things to think about:

  • Cracks can allow water to enter into the structure and cause wood to decay, so have a professional inspect the structure and fill any cracks with caulk then repaint the area.
  • Look for paint that is peeling or siding that has come loose during the winter and repair as needed. Rotten wood makes it easy for water to get in the home and cause even more damage. You’ll want to have any rot repaired and painted by a qualified expert.
  • To further prevent rot, repaint flat surfaces such as thresholds, refinish your deck, and paint and prime columns.

Fall Maintenance

Get ready for the cooler and wetter months by thinking about the following:

  • The best way to keep the exterior in pristine condition is as simple as having a professional keep it clean. Washing decks and driveways when called for, are good ways to prevent rot and decay and slows down the aging process. Washing decks, porches and walkways and other flat surfaces also removes mildew that can become slick and dangerous during the winter months. It also helps add curb appeal and keeps everything looking fresher longer.
  • Pooling water is not a friend to a house, so keeping gutters and downspouts clean and free of leaves and other materials is essential. After the leaves fall, flush gutters and downspouts and make sure there are no damaged spout or loose connection points.

Treating a home like it should be – an investment – is easiest when you make a plan, bring in professionals and stick to a yearly maintenance schedule. Contact us today to make keep your home looking great all year.

Archie Deese