In many ways residential painting and commercial painting are similar; however, there are special considerations a business should take before hiring a professional Atlanta commercial painting company.

As a business owner, you carry the responsibility of your employees’ and clientele’s safety. For this reason, you must ensure that the commercial painters you select are properly insured, bonded and licensed according to your state’s requirements. This can vary from state to state, so do your research before hiring.

If the business establishment is older – constructed prior to 1978 – you should inquire whether or not they are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. There could be lead in the paint previously used on the building, and it requires a special set of skills and knowledge to properly handle lead-based paint.

There are other safety and security issues to consider before hiring an Atlanta commercial painting company, such as the security of your employees and, for example, your patients. All files, records, sensitive materials and matters of privacy should be securely stored while the painting process is taking place. If you have a business where privacy laws are a concern, make your painters aware of this upfront.

Also, painting causes fumes. Employees should be kept abreast of the schedule and kept out of harm’s way during the painting process. In restaurants where people are consuming food, or in elderly homes or nurseries where people are more susceptible to fumes, plans for temporary relocation and/or ramped up ventilation should be made.

Courtesy is a major consideration business owners must take, as well. Does your office share a lobby? Or does it share a wall with a neighboring business? If so, you should let them know of your plans to hire a professional Atlanta commercial painter so they can make proper preparations.

Scheduling the painting most conveniently around patrons, clients, patients and guests is also a huge courtesy consideration. Many commercial painters will work after hours to accommodate these requests, but you should ask about their policies and procedures before signing a contract.

Most reputable Atlanta commercial painting companies will be able to provide you with a portfolio of completed projects, list of references and will have the experience to walk you through, and work around when necessary, these and other important considerations.

Archie Deese